P.O. Box 2107 | East Falmouth, MA | 02536   Barnstable County

President: Mary Barry

First Vice President: Open 

Second Vice President: Open

Secretary: Dottie Priestley

Treasurer: Gerard Luby


David Burt, Publications Committee Chair

Robert Chase, Budget & Finance Committee

Budget & Finance Committee

Phyllis Day, NERGC Representative

Raymond Howe, Membership Committee Chair

Susan Hutchinson, Budget & Finance Committee Chair

Dottie Priestley, Newsletter Committee Chair 

Marianne Shafer, Publicity Committee Chair

Ralph Wadleigh, Program Committee Chair

Donna E. Walcovy, Nominating Committee Chair

Jan Zlatev, Library Committee Chair

Sitting left to right: Dottie Priestley, Secretary; Mary Barry, President; Jan Zlatev, Library Committee Chair. Standing: Susan Hutchinson, Budget & Finance Committee Chair; Phyllis Day, NERGC Representative; Bob Chase, Budget & Finance Committee; Ralph Wadleigh, Program Committee Chair; David Burt, Publications Committee Chair; and Joan Croce, Budget & Finance Committee. Missing from photo: Gerard Luby, Treasurer; Raymond Howe, Membership Committee Chair; Joyce Pendery, Newsletter Committee Chair; Marianne Shafer, Publicity Committee Chair; and Donna Walcovy, Nominating Committee Chair.


Fiscal Year 2017